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7 Things To keep In Mind Before Using Public WiFi

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7 things to keep in mind before using public WiFi

Public Wi-Fi Security Tips: There are many benefits to using a public Wi-Fi network. Maybe you are standing at a railway station and your mobile data is working on 2G or 3G. If you get a free 4G Wi-Fi connection right now, how happy you will feel. And so, you quickly connect to the railway station’s free Wi-Fi. A public WiFi is very useful even if our mobile data does not work well in many places. However, since a public Wi-Fi is open to everyone, you need to know some important safety tips before using this type of Wi-Fi. To protect your personal data and identity, be sure to check the points below before connecting to a public WiFi.

Turn off automatic connections

When open Wi-Fi networks are available, your device/mobile will automatically connect to that open Wi-Fi network so you can save a lot of your internet data. Besides, in many cases it is very beneficial. But if this issue is seen from the security point of view then it is a dangerous matter.

Therefore, these types of WiFi networks are kept open for everyone. Hence, there is a high possibility of different hackers being active within a public Wi-Fi. And so they are likely to gain access to various sensitive information within this public network.

However, you can avoid this danger by turning off the automatic WiFi connection option of your device. Meaning, you need to make sure that your mobile or device does not automatically connect to open WiFi networks.

Connect to trusted networks

Nowadays when you enter any busy area you will find multiple open Wi-Fi networks in your device’s list of available Wi-Fi networks. And when we get a free open WiFi network, it’s natural to want to use fast and free internet. Who doesn’t love free internet?

But by connecting to an unknown Wi-Fi network, you are exposing your device to hackers. So, don’t forget to use any unknown open WiFi network to keep your personal data safe in your device.

But yes, you can definitely use WiFi networks in familiar places like offices etc.

Share files and folders

Many people make this mistake many times. Remember, whenever you are connected to a public WiFi network, never share files or documents with anyone using that network. Sharing files while connected to a public Wi-Fi means that your shared files are likely to be seen by other people connected to that network.

So, do not share any kind of files while connected to an unknown public WiFi network. Also, you should first turn off the file sharing option in your device.

Use of online banking sites

In order to keep your personal information secure and for security purposes, you should pay attention to the above points as well as your various online activities.

While connected to an anonymous open WiFi network you should not login to any kind of website that contains your various personal information. For example, online banking and social media websites etc. Otherwise, it will be easy for hackers to find your personal information on that website through a public WiFi network.

Use a VPN

By using a VPN you can keep your data safe while using any public Wi-Fi network. It is the simplest yet effective way to protect your personal information while using any WiFi network.

When you use a VPN, your data is rerouted through a secure encrypted network. As a result, you can stay protected even from within a public open network. Nowadays you can find VPN apps for Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS, for every platform.

Latest security updates

In most cases, we ignore the various security updates that come to our smartphones. Because, security updates do not install any new features in our device. But keep in mind that these types of updates are very important for the security of your device.

Remember, the WannaCry ransomware attack that came out a few days ago affected thousands of computers. But the main reason for this was the delay in Windows Update. If everyone could have updated their system on time then this ransomware attack would have done nothing.

So, whenever a security update is available for your device, install it immediately.

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A strong password

Of course, when you use the same password for each of your accounts, it becomes much easier for you to remember it. But in this case, it becomes very convenient for hackers.

In this, if any hacker active within the public WiFi network you use succeeds in finding one of your passwords, it means that he can now access your other accounts as well.

Hackers can easily crack a single character password in just 10 minutes. Therefore, use a strong password with numbers and special characters for each of your important accounts.


So friends, this is the end of our today’s article on what you need to keep an eye on and how to stay safe while using a public WiFi network. I hope you liked the WiFi security tips. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please comment below. Also, don’t forget to share these public WiFi safety tips on social media.

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