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9 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Being Hacked

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9 ways to protect your smartphone from being hacked

If we talk about ways to avoid mobile hack then there are many ways.

Before protecting your mobile from being hacked, you need to take a good look at what activities you are doing on your mobile.

Smartphones have become a very important part of our daily life nowadays.

Sensitive tasks like gaming, banking, financial transaction, live video conference, internet browsing and data sharing are done by it.

And as a result, our mobile phones store a lot of personal and sensitive information.

So, if you want to ensure the security of these important information on your mobile, then you must protect your smartphone from hacking.

And through this article you will know 9 such tips by which it is possible to make your mobile hack-proof.

By following our methods today, you will be able to keep the important data on your mobile completely safe.

1. A strong password

Yes yes, you might be thinking that this is very common and password is used by all of us.

However, I want to focus your attention here on using a particularly strong password.

When you set a very common password (like your name or date of birth), it’s easy for hackers to crack.

So, set a password or PIN on your mobile that is difficult to guess.

The stronger your mobile security passwords are, the more secure your mobile will be.

2. Software update

You should pay attention to update your mobile system software regularly.

Regular software updates help to eliminate security vulnerabilities in your mobile.

It is important to keep the mobile operating system and apps updated to ensure the security of your phone.

So, when any kind of software update notification comes on your mobile, install it immediately.

Of course, sometimes the system software takes some time to update.

However, as I said before, these updates will help you to eliminate the vulnerabilities of your mobile security.

In this, hackers cannot easily hack your mobile.

3. Public Wi-Fi:

Whenever open WIFI connection is available without any password, we don’t even think to connect our mobile directly to that network.

But do you know, for hackers, these types of Public Wi-Fi networks are a best medium for mobile and laptop hacking.

So, I would suggest, don’t use Public Wi-Fi networks in any unknown unknown places.

And if you have to use it for some reason, don’t forget sensitive activities like online banking or online shopping.

Another risk of using open public Wi-Fi networks is that “hackers can see everything you do online”.

So, be sure to use VPN services like CyberGhost or TunnelBear when using open public Wi-Fi.

Hackers cannot see and track your online activities.

4. Mobile antivirus app

With a good and effective mobile antivirus software, you can protect your mobile from malicious software and potential cyber attacks.

Mobile antivirus works to detect viruses and cyber attacks through real-time scanning on your mobile.

So, make sure to use these antiviruses to keep your mobile safe from most cyber attacks by hackers.

You can download and use the best and popular mobile antivirus apps for free in the Google Play Store.

5. What are you installing?

When we install various apps on our mobile, we are asked for various permissions.

These permissions mainly include camera permission, file reading, microphone access etc.

Once you give permission by clicking on options like “approve”, “accept” or “grant permission”,

Apps can now directly view and access the files on your mobile, access the camera and microphone.

Think once, how easily unknown unknown apps can copy your personal information from mobile.

6. Lock the app

Keep these types of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google photos, File manager, banking app etc. locked.

What if someone steals your mobile while you are using it?

Your mobile remains unlocked at that time, as a result of which they can see and copy your personal information, files, photos, etc.

So, remember to lock such personal and essential apps.

To lock individual apps on mobile, you will find many software like AVG AntiVirus in Google Play Store.

7. Suspicious emails and links

There is another more common way hackers use to hack mobiles these days, that is “by email”.

These types of methods are called “Phishing scams”.

Here, hackers try to download malware or steal sensitive information by sending emails to your email ID.

So, if you are looking for a way to avoid mobile hacking then you should look into this matter beforehand.

Never open suspicious emails sent directly to your mobile.

Because, such suspicious emails may contain some links that can hack your mobile phone as soon as you click it.

Many times, after clicking on the links, there is fear of personal information being stolen.

8. Root and jailbreak

Nowadays almost everyone wants to root their mobile phone.

Mobile rooting certainly has its benefits, I agree, but by rooting your mobile you are giving hackers an advantage.

Rooting and jailbreaking will definitely void your mobile warranty.

Also, a rooted mobile hacker can hack comparatively more easily.

So, don’t root your android mobile if you want to protect your smartphone from hacking.

9. Bluetooth

You must keep an eye on your mobile’s bluetooth to avoid mobile hacking.

However, hacking a mobile via Bluetooth is not very convenient, but there is still a possibility of hacking.

So, make sure that your mobile’s Bluetooth is off.

Of course, you can turn Bluetooth on when you need it, but turn it off as soon as you’re done.

By doing this you can prevent hackers from accessing your phone.

So, while installing a new app on mobile, when that app asks you to access and use file, camera and microphone,

But then you need to give that permission with a lot of thought.

So friends, I hope these ways to save your mobile from being hacked or to protect your mobile from hackers will definitely be useful for you.

If you have questions or suggestions related to our today’s article, please comment below.

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