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Tricks To Find The Right Information Quickly On Google

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Tricks to find the right information quickly on Google

In today’s world it is difficult to find alternatives to Google to find information. Although Yahoo or Microsoft’s Bing are the closest competitors, Google is now the most popular search engine. Every day we search many things on Google, but do we always find the desired answer? There are several hidden tricks to quickly find information on a particular topic on Google. Using these while searching Google will make your search much easier.

Not only for search purposes, you can do many other tasks easily through Google using these tricks. For example: finding images of specific size, doing translation, using as a calculator, etc. That is, Google is not just a search engine but a powerful tool. You can easily enjoy the full benefits of Google only by knowing how to use it properly. The subject of today’s discussion is Google’s search tricks. By learning about these tips and tricks, you can learn more advanced use of Google. So read the entire post carefully.

Finding information within specific websites

Looking for information on a specific website? Sometimes the built-in search facility provided in various websites is not very efficient. In that case, write in Google what you want to find site: site address

Excluding any word from the search phrase

We often search by writing different phrases out of which certain words are not found in the search results. But due to not knowing certain tricks, time is wasted to find the right result apart from all the search results. But any word can easily be excluded from the search phrase by using a ‘-‘ sign. Suppose you are searching for ‘How to make a new table?’ To ensure that the word ‘new’ does not appear in any search results, just put a ‘-‘ before the word ‘new’. That is, you have to search by writing ‘How to make a -new table?’ Only then will all search results be seen except for the word ‘new’.

To get (a site’s) cache stored on Google

Google caches various web pages. Even if the server of those sites is closed / the page is deleted, the content of those pages can be visited from the Google cache for a certain period of time. Visiting the Google cache of an online site also shows the old version of the site. To view the Google cache, type Cache: before entering the site address and search the whole thing in Google. If you are lucky you can also get google cache of that site/page.

Besides, if you search for something in Google, you can see the cached content of that address by clicking on the triangle-shaped symbol on the right side of the green color link that comes from the search result.

To find a specific subject

You can use quotations if you want to find information on a specific topic. For example, if you search by writing Amazon Echo review, Google will show you 37 million results. And if you search by writing “Amazon Echo review”, it will show you more concise 1,28,000 results.

Subject specification

Suppose you want to find jaguar car. In that case, just search by typing jaguar and you will also see links/pictures related to jaguar animals. For that you need to mention the car issue. In that case search by typing jaguar +car.

File of specified format

Specify file format to find files of a specific format. For example, if you want to find a PowerPoint file of a topic, specify the file type as Laptop Computer filetype:ppt

Search images by image

To search for images using Google Images, you must first go to the Google Images page by clicking on the Images link at the top of the Google Home/Search page. There drag-drop or select the image by clicking on the button marked Camera, then the image will be uploaded and you will be shown the image similar to the uploaded image. Besides, when any search result is displayed, you can also find the corresponding image by clicking on the text Images at the top of that page. But it doesn’t always show you the right information.

Finding image files of specified size

You can use Google to extract the image file of the size you need very easily. For this you need to add a specific term in the search box. This term is ‘imagesize:’.

Suppose you want to find cute cat pictures in 500×500 size. Then you have to write in the search box ‘cute cat images imagesize:500×500’. Now you will see 500×500 size images in search results.

Find similar websites

You can use related keywords to find similar websites.

For example:


You can use the Google search bar directly as a calculator. For example, if you write 505*50 and enter, you can get the product of 505 and 50.

To remind forgotten terms *

Many times it is seen that we want to find a specific topic in Google but we do not remember the exact term of that topic. As a result, we often do not understand what to write and search. That’s why the * sign is there. If you add it during the search, Google will show various terms related to that search.

Suppose you don’t remember a financial term. You can search by typing ‘the * of money’. Now Google will show you many search results related to this. For example: “the exchange of money”, “the use of money”, “the role of money”, “the psychology of money” etc. From here you can easily find specific terms.

Search for two topics together using And/Or

If you want to search for a topic related to two topics, you can join the two topics with And/Or. As a result, Google will simultaneously show you different search results for the two terms.

Search by typing ‘Windows or Linux’ and Google will show you a comparison of the two operating systems. Various articles will bring forward what is good or what is bad.

Find articles written within a specific period

Sometimes you need to find different articles or search results before or after a certain time. In this case too, Google search has certain tricks. If you add ‘AFTER:’ or ‘BEFORE:’ to the search term in the search box, Google will show search results before or after a certain time.

For example: If you search by writing ‘How to earn money online AFTER: 2022’, Google will show only those articles written or search results related to this after 2022. Similarly, using ‘BEFORE:’ Google will bring all the search results before the specified time.

Search by number range

Sometimes search results between different dates or numbers may be required. There may be times when you need to find products within a certain price range. In these cases there is Google’s range search. For range search you need to use ‘..’ between numbers.

For example, if you want to know who won the Cricket World Cup between 2000 and 2010, you don’t need to know more than that. In such a situation you can search like this, ‘Who won the cricket world cup 2000..2010?’. If you search like this, Google will show you only the names of the teams that won the World Cup in that particular year.

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Other search tricks

There are also thousands of other little tricks to search through Google. Some more such tricks are given in brief:

To know the definition of any term or the lexical meaning of the word, you can search like this: Define: *word*. If you put any word in the place of word here, Google will show you the dictionary meaning with its definition and pronunciation.

To know the weather information of any particular place, you can search by entering the post code or zip code of that place. For example: Weather *zip code*.

To know the local time of any place, you can search by typing the name of that place. Ex: Time *place*

Any size conversion can easily be done by Google. For example, you can search on Google to convert miles to kilometers: ’10 miles to km’ like this. You can also do such conversions for different currencies. Eg: ’10 USD to taka’.

You can easily see the information of various flights from Google. That’s why if you search ‘Dhaka to Dubai flight’ like this, the flight information will come in front of you. Besides, if you are logged in to Google and search by writing ‘my flight status’, Google can bring you everything about your flight from your boarding side information.

If you are an Android user and logged in to Google, search by typing ‘find my phone’ and Google will track your phone’s location directly. This is the fastest way to find your phone.

You can also set timers through Google. For this you have to type the word ‘set timer’ or ‘timer’ in the search box.

There are many more such Google search tricks that can make your life easier and better. So you can use these search tricks for daily search or research work.

Hope these tips will help you to find fast and accurate information on Google. If you want to share tips and tricks, please comment.


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