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Why Is My TikTok Video Not Viral? Cause And Solution.

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Why is my TikTok video not viral? Cause and solution.

Are you one of those TikTokers whose TikTok videos don’t go viral? If your Tik Tok videos are not going viral despite many efforts, then you must first know the exact reasons why the video is not going viral. And after that, you need to understand the right rules and ways to make TikTok videos go viral.

Many people may say that because of Tiktok Algorithm, views are not coming to your video. Of course, the TikTok algorithm has an important role to play in this regard. However, why is the TikTok algorithm making your video viral? If you are regularly posting a lot of video content on tiktok but not getting views or don’t understand why tiktok videos are not going viral, then understand below the reasons why tiktok videos are not going viral.

5 Reasons Why TikTok Videos Don’t Go Viral

টিকটক ভিডিও ভাইরাল হয় না কেন

Below we will know about 5 reasons why your TIKTOK videos are not going viral or videos are not getting many views. If you understand the reasons and work on them well, the chances of the video going viral will increase and the views on the video will increase.

1. Not choosing good audio?

In the beginning, we knew and knew TikTok as

A very important part of TikTok is the songs and audios here. In the case of this social media platform, the music and audio used in the video help a lot to attract the audience.

If your TikTok videos are not going viral, then maybe you are not using new, popular or trending songs or audios in your videos. Which songs or audio trends are growing a lot in the Internet world?

Are you keeping an eye on this?

As the trend of any song grows, make a video using that audio and upload it as soon as possible.

Remember, after 2 to 3 weeks, millions of creators will be uploading TikTok videos with trending songs. In this case, even if you make videos with trending songs at this time, there will be very little chance of them becoming Tiktok trends.

So, you only need to create videos with those trending audios that are only a few hours or days old.

But after finding the trending audio and creating content, the video will not go viral. Not being able to create an interesting video content is another reason why TikTok videos don’t go viral.

2. The quality of the created content is not good?

No matter how much trending audio or music you use in your video, if your video content is of low or low quality, the video will not go viral. You can’t go viral on TikTok even by using any tips or tricks.

Knowing how TikTok’s algorithm works, you’ll understand why I’m talking about creating the best and highest quality content.

On TikTok, by publishing high-quality video content using trending audio, you will get more likes and comments than just views.

Initially, your video is only served to a limited number of people by TikTok. You will definitely get some views on the video. However, along with views, videos should also have a good amount of likes and comments.

This allows TikTok’s algorithm to understand that people are liking your videos, and audiences can connect with your videos through likes and comments. As a result, the video is shown to a larger audience, which in turn increases the video’s views and may even go viral.

On the contrary, if your videos don’t have enough likes and comments, then TikTok will think that your content is not liked by people so much and hence your video will be gradually stopped from showing on TikTok.

So, to get more views on Tiktok and to go viral, your videos must have good likes and comments.

And for this you have to keep in mind the target audience and create content with good topics only according to their tastes and needs. When you create videos for a specific audience, they can connect with your videos much faster.

This will increase the likes and comments on the video and eventually the video will be shown to a large audience.

3. Not creating an attention-grabbing intro?

If you don’t have an attention-grabbing part or content at the beginning of the videos, very few people will watch your entire video. Most TikTok videos are 15-30 seconds or less.

Of course, there are plenty of TikTok stars who love to create long content. However, for me, short videos can be made viral very easily.

Because, short videos are of very short duration and at the beginning of them, some interesting parts or parts can be kept that after watching the video of 10 to 20 seconds, almost everyone will definitely watch it.

At the beginning of the video, you should have an intro that makes the audience want to watch your entire video. You need to do something exciting or fun or sometimes click bait type things.

4. Working according to community guidelines?

Why TikTok videos don’t go viral, there could be another very common reason that has to do with TikTok community guidelines.

Many times we knowingly or unknowingly publish many such contents which break the rules of TikTok.

And if you are breaking the rules and publishing videos on TikTok, it is normal for TikTok not to give views to your videos. There is also a fear of getting your TikTok account banned.

So, read TikTok’s community guidelines page at least once. In this, you can know in advance that if you publish a video on any topic, the rules will be broken on TikTok.

If you make a video breaking the rules, that video will never go viral on Tik Tok.

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5. Not using hashtags well?

How to go VIRAL on TikTok- 6 Tips to Get a Million Views!

Proper use of Hashtags plays a very important role in making TikTok videos go viral. Because, by using Hashtags properly, you can reach your videos to a large audience.

Using the right Hashtags related to the video greatly increases the chances of your video being found by thousands of viewers. So, always remember to use 3-5 hashtags within the video after uploading the video.

Also, don’t use common hashtags like #FYP, #foryou, they won’t work. You should use a mix of the most used and trending hashtags and hashtags related to the video.

For example, some of the current trending hashtags are, #tiktokchallenge, #tiktoviral, #tiktoktravel, #tik_tok, #tiktoktraditions, #tiktokers, #lovegoals, #lovestory, #lovesong, #like, #likeforlike, #follow etc.


How many likes and views will be required for TikTok to become viral?

No one can tell the number of likes and comments it takes for a video to go viral. However, your video needs to have 4% views-to-likes (4 likes out of every 1000 views) to have a good engagement rate. A view-to-like ratio of 4% will make the TikTok algorithm consider it an interesting video. This will increase the chances of the video going viral.

How many views Tiktok video will be considered viral?

Generally if your video gets between 250,000 and 1 million views on TikTok, then the video is considered a viral video.

Is it possible to go viral without followers?

Of course you can. Because the TikTok algorithm does not distribute videos based on how many followers a TikTok account has. So, you can make TikTok videos viral with very few or no followers.

our last words,

So, friends, I hope you have a good understanding of why your TikTok videos are not going viral and what you can watch out for to go viral on TikTok. To be successful in any work requires hard work and determination. You will not get success in one day. So, make good videos regularly and keep posting consistently in your TikTok account. When everyone can make a video go viral, so can you.

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