Bkash to Nagad Money Transfer – A Convenient and Secure Way to Send Money

Bkash to Nagad Money Transfer

Bkash to nagad money transfer In recent years, digital financial services have gained significant popularity in Bangladesh, providing people with convenient and efficient ways to manage their money. Two of the leading mobile financial service providers in the country are bkash and Nagad. Both platforms offer various features, including the ability to transfer money to different accounts. In this article, we will explore how to transfer money from bkash to Nagad and discuss the benefits and limitations of this service.

How to Transfer Money from bkash to Nagad

To initiate a money transfer from bkash to Nagad, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register for a bkash account

If you don’t have a bkash account yet, you need to register by visiting the nearest bkash agent or using the bkash mobile app. Provide the required information and complete the registration process. Once your account is created, you can proceed to the next step.

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Step 2: Link your Nagad account to bkash

To transfer money to a Nagad account, you need to link it with your bkash account. Open the bkash app and navigate to the “Add Money” section. Select “Nagad” as the bank, enter your Nagad account number, and confirm the linkage. This step ensures a seamless transfer between the two platforms.

Step 3: Initiate the money transfer

Now that your Nagad account is linked to bkash, you can start the money transfer process. Open the bkash app and select the “Send Money” option. Enter the recipient’s Nagad account number and the amount you want to transfer. Double-check the details to ensure accuracy.

Step 4: Confirm the transaction

After entering the required information, review the transaction details one more time. If everything is correct, proceed to confirm the transfer. You may be prompted to enter your bkash account PIN or provide any additional verification required by the app. Once the transaction is confirmed, the money will be transferred from your bkash account to the recipient’s Nagad account.

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Benefits of using bkash to Nagad Money Transfer

Transferring money from bkash to Nagad offers several advantages:

Convenience and accessibility

With the widespread availability of bkash agents and Nagad service points across the country, sending money from bkash to Nagad is convenient and easily accessible for users. Whether you are in a bustling city or a remote village, you can access these services with ease.

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Fast and secure transactions

bkash and Nagad prioritize the security and speed of financial transactions. When you transfer money from bkash to Nagad, you can expect the process to be swift and secure. The use of advanced encryption technologies ensures the confidentiality of your personal and financial information.

Wide network coverage

Both bkash and Nagad have extensive networks of agents and service points throughout Bangladesh. This wide coverage allows users to send and receive money even in areas where traditional banking services may be limited. The vast network ensures that the recipient can access the funds conveniently.

Limitations of bkash to Nagad Money Transfer

While bkash to Nagad money transfer offers convenience, there are some limitations to be aware of:

Service availability

The availability of bkash to Nagad money transfer service may vary based on factors such as network connectivity and system maintenance. It is advisable to check the availability of the service before initiating a transfer to ensure a seamless experience.

Transaction fees

bkash and Nagad may charge transaction fees for transferring money between the platforms. The fees can vary depending on the amount being transferred. It is recommended to check the current fee structure on both platforms to understand the applicable charges.

Daily transaction limits

Both bkash and Nagad have daily transaction limits in place. These limits determine the maximum amount you can transfer in a single day. It is essential to be aware of these limits and plan your transfers accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

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Tips for a Smooth Money Transfer Experience

To make your bkash to Nagad money transfer experience hassle-free, consider the following tips:

Double-checking recipient details

Before confirming the transaction, ensure that you have entered the correct Nagad account number. Mistakes in account details can result in funds being transferred to the wrong recipient, causing inconvenience and delays in resolving the issue.

Keeping track of transaction IDs

After completing a money transfer, make a note of the transaction ID provided by bkash. This ID serves as a reference in case you need to contact customer support or track the status of the transfer. Keeping a record of the transaction ID can help in resolving any issues effectively.

Contacting customer support for assistance

If you encounter any difficulties during the money transfer process or have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support. bkash and Nagad have dedicated support teams to assist users with their concerns and provide guidance on resolving any issues they may face.


Bkash to nagad money transfer offers a convenient and secure way to send funds between mobile financial service platforms in Bangladesh. With the easy-to-follow steps outlined in this article, users can initiate transfers with confidence. However, it is crucial to consider the limitations, such as service availability, transaction fees, and daily transaction limits, before making a transfer. By following the provided tips, users can ensure a smooth money transfer experience and enjoy the benefits of digital financial services.


Can I transfer money from bkash to Nagad without linking my accounts?

No, you need to link your Nagad account to bkash to transfer money between the platforms.

How long does it take for the money to be transferred from bkash to Nagad?

The transfer is usually completed within a few minutes, but it may vary based on factors like network connectivity and system load.

Are there any fees for transferring money from bkash to Nagad?

Both bkash and Nagad may charge transaction fees for the money transfer. The fees depend on the amount being transferred.

What should I do if I entered the wrong Nagad account number for the transfer?

If you entered the wrong Nagad account number, contact customer support immediately for assistance in resolving the issue.

Can I transfer money from Nagad to bkash using the same process?

Yes, the process to transfer money from Nagad to bkash is similar. You need to link your bkash account to Nagad and follow the respective steps in the Nagad app or website.